Update on the nuggets!

First & foremost I officially suck at being a “blogger”. I am having the hardest time keeping up with myself & the boys, let alone remembering to blog about their weekly/monthly updates. I will do better… hopefully! 😉

The boys are growing non-stop. Their last appt was on July 12th. Owen weighed 11.8 lbs & Eli weighed 11.5 lbs. Eli is catching up with his brother & is half an inch longer. They still look nothing alike & are constantly switching personalities. One day, Eli will be fussing & sleep through the night, with Owen being an absolute dream. The next day it will be the complete opposite. They are definitely keeping us on our toes & we love it.

They are constantly moving around, Eli more than Owen. We always say that they are doing “constant cardio”. Owen is super close to rolling over, but not quite there. Eli doesn’t seem worried about rolling over anytime soon, but he loves to kick & play. They love tummy time while on our chests, but on the floor not so much. Both can roll from tummy to back!!!

They have both found their voices & nothing makes me happier than to hear them squeal. Owen squeals the most at 5 in the morning. He is a happy boy in the mornings! I love it!! Right now they are eating around 4 – 5 ounces per feeding. We are attempting to go 4 hours in between feedings today. Wish us luck! Owen is starting to go through a growth spurt so he is refusing to eat the last few days. Mitchell & I get so frustrated, but when that kid smiles, the world stands still & all is well. He smiles with his entire face & it melts my heart. Eli on the other hand loves to eat & downs his entire bottle almost every time. He is getting rolls on top of rolls & he has the cutest round belly ever. He sticks his chin & lips out when he “talks” to you & it is the cutest thing! Mitchell gives me a hard time because I am constantly making up songs & singing to them & I am a terrible singer. They both smile big when momma sings & Eli will sing along with me. OH. MY. HEART! I love it!

Their looks haven’t changed that much. They are obviously way chunkier than they were a few weeks ago. Yay for chunky monkeys! I am glad I provide the milk that is making them chubby boys. Eli has smaller facial features than Owen & is a bit more angelic looking. His hair is still dark & has grown well over his ears. We still don’t know what his eye color is going to be. They look gray some days & green some days. Owens hair is growing slowly, but surely & he has a line of baldness on the back of his head from him constantly looking from side to side. He is a busy boy! He has the bluest eyes & in the bathtub they really stand out. Owen has more of the Gerber Baby look about him & his cheeks are out of this world. I never thought I would want to kiss baby cheeks this much! 🙂 He still loves his tongue & is attempting to find his thumb. I am afraid once he does, we will have a thumb sucker! Owen looks at me with the most love that I have ever seen in my entire life. He will be my mommas boy for sure!

They have been sleeping in their cribs for a month exactly & Mitchell & I are so glad to be going to bed at the same time now. The transition from bassinet to crib was not bad at all! PLT! They had already been taking naps in their room, so they had already been introduced to the crib. They take their last bottle at 830 & then we go lay them in their beds. They put themselves to sleep usually in about 5-10 minutes! WHOOP WHOOP!!! Eli will sleep in the exact same position all night (freaks me out) & most of the time sleeps for about 7 hours before he needs some attention. We rock him & he will go back to sleep until we feed again at 530. He has had a few nights of fussing around 2 or 3 & being wide awake for hours. Those long nights are hard, but he is so darn cute, it’s hard to be mad at him. We have had some nights where we have slept in the rocker with him on our chest. On nights like this, Mitchell & I remind ourselves that we will someday miss this. Miss him sleeping on our chest. Miss his adorable cry waking us up.

Owen on the other hand, is a very restless sleeper. He moves around a lot, but hardly ever fusses enough for us to have to pick him up. He would sleep for longer than 9 hours if we would let him, but we still feed him at 6 am. He is usually already semi-awake at this time, but sometimes we have to wake him up. The kid is all smiles at this time! MY HEART! We hardly ever have to wake up in the middle of the night with Owen. Yay for good sleepers! They both go back to sleep after this bottle & sleep until their next bottle at 830 & 9. Mitchell & I switch off nights so we get to sleep & switch off who gets up with the boys. I am so thankful that I have such a wonderful husband that shares in the duties. He is an amazing father & loves these boys. I knew he would be, but seeing him be a father after all we went through makes my heart smile.

These boys are the biggest blessing & we are so happy that God chose us to be their parents. We have taken this new role in our lives as being the biggest, most important role.  It is amazing how different your mind set is when you become a parent. I would do anything & everything for these boys. They will be 15 weeks tomorrow. I want time to slow down, but I love each new phase.

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