Continuing the IVF Journey

The last few weeks have been crazy!

I started my Lupron shots on the 4th. My husband is my shot giver and I think he somewhat enjoys it! 😉 It makes him feel “needed” at a time where we are literally relying on science to make a baby.  The shot itself is nothing, but they have been giving me massive headaches. Just one of the side effects & nothing I can’t handle.


I can tell that I am a little more “hormonal” from the shots, but this is totally normal & I constantly have to remind myself to chill. This is only the beginning! Oh geez lol.

Last week we went for my weekly ultrasound. This was going to be the “baseline” & we were going to start my cycle that following Monday.

Unfortunately, they found a cyst that was producing too much estrogen for us to start the other medications. Too many hormones at once & they could potentially counteract with each other.

I was a little bummed, okay fine, a lot bummed, but I had faith that the cyst would shrink & we would only be off our schedule by a week. The nurse was confident that the Lupon shots I was already taking would help shrink the cyst.

I was asked to come back the next week & do another ultrasound to see if the cyst had disappeared or shrunk…  Turns out, it had grown. L L

I automatically started crying. This was it, we would have to start over, all of this had been a waste. Blah Blah Blah Blah

My pity party, whoa is me, attitude came whooshing back.  My doctor wanted to check the hormone levels before she gave us a definite yes or no. SO the rest of the afternoon, in my pessimistic mind, I thought that we would have to cancel this cycle, wait a month, & start the whole damn thing over again.  Another break, more waiting, more time going by.  

My husband yall… He held my hand & bought me ice cream, while at the same time reassuring me that it was all going to be okay. That waiting a little longer wasn’t a big deal & that we were on the right path.

He deserves a gold metal.

As we were leaving LBK I got a phone call from my Dr. I paused Game of Thrones audiobook, felt my eyes fill with tears, & answered the phone.


They had gone from 127 to 51. (they wanted me around 50) WHOOP WHOOP!!!

That sure turned my frown upside down!  I was so excited! We were back on schedule!

It really got me thinking though, have I started having more faith in the doctors than I do God?

In just a few weeks my emotions have been such a rollercoaster (hello hormones) & no matter what, there isn’t anything that I have actual control over.

I can’t control my body producing cysts. I can’t control my hormone levels.  All I can control is my attitude & my prayers.

Have I prayed about it as much as I have talked about it? Well no…

It is so much easier to bitch about the ups & downs in life than to pray & give them all to God.

These last few weeks have taught me that I have little to no control over this process. We could do everything by the book & it still might not work. But giving all my fears & doubts to God will provide me with strength to continue on!






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