One Year Ago Today

It’s hard to believe that one year ago today (09-06-2017) I had my Egg Transfer. Two tiny embryos were transferred & now I have two beautiful baby boys. God is perfect in his timing & I continually thank Him for these two blessings. I can’t imagine my life without them & know that this was the role I was destined to play. #twinmom 😉

If I would’ve known then what I know now, I would’ve told myself to trust. Trust in God, trust in the doctors, trust in my husband, & trust in myself. Sometimes we allow ourselves to get so down in the dumps that we can’t see the end of the gloomy tunnel. There is always light! Never give up on God. Never turn your back on him. He is ALWAYS on your side!


We had the boys 4 month appointments today & my mom went with me. I was not looking forward to the shots, but they only cried a little. Poor Eli has a cry that will make you start having a panic attack. We got to see the nurse practitioner & I absolutely loved her. She was very impressed with the boys growth in length. Owen grew 3 inches!!!! He has finally caught up to his brother. They are both going to be tall like their dad. Eli now outweighs Owen by a few ounces, but Owen is still holding his own on the size of his head! Eli has the tiniest head, bless his heart! 🙂 (all the heart eyes)

This stage has been my favorite so far! They are smiling, giggling, & squealing all the time. MOST of the time they only giggle for daddy while he tickles them with his beard (unfair), but I have gotten them to giggle a few times! They are happy boys & their personalities are so freaking adorable. When Owen smiles his whole face lights up & he almost looks bashful. Eli has a side smirk that I swear makes him look like Elvis. (Lord help me with this one) 😉 

Owen has rolled over a few times, but never while I am looking… Eli is close, but still doesn’t quite have it down. They continue to amaze me as I watch them learn something new everyday. Eli found his foot & he was so intrigued by this new object. He wouldn’t let it go! lol I love seeing them learn & grow right before my eyes. They are just tiny wittle humans learning how to human. 

The NP said we could start them on cereal & I am so excited to get them in their high chairs. Hopefully this will put some pounds on them & they can continue to grow rolls! Momma loves her chunky monkeys! 🙂


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