Update :)

I paid $16,000 to feel like crap… and I couldn’t be happier.


This is the most exhausted & nauseous I have ever been in my life. Que the trumpets and streamers!

Every time I mention any symptoms my husband gets a huge smile on his face. I’m not offended in the least. Going through what we just did, I will take all the morning sickness this pregnancy has to offer.

I will rock sweat pants, a messy bun, and carry around a barf bag errr where for the next 9 MONTHS!

It has been almost 2 weeks since I got that BFP and we are still on cloud nine. I still find myself not believing it. I constantly ask myself if this is real life? Have our Prayers finally been answered? All of sudden nothing else in the entire universe matters to me, except for this baby.

We go to our first ultrasound with Dr. Phy on Oct 2nd. I will be at 6 weeks and 3 days. It is super early, but they monitor IVF patients pretty frequently the first 10 weeks. I am so glad! These first few weeks are so nerve racking and I want to know Baby Locke is growing & remaining healthy!

During this ultrasound we ‘should’ be able to see if there are two sacs or just one. Honestly, I would be fine with just one, healthy baby. Twins would be such an awesome experience, but we have seen firsthand with Lillian and Wyatt how difficult that can be.  But, we will be so excited either way! 

The way I am feeling right now is so different than I thought I would feel. Of course I am excited & can’t believe that we are FINALLY pregnant, but at the same time, I think I am just relieved.  Like after all this effort we put forth, now I just want a really long nap.


I am still taking Progesterone shots every night & THANK GOD we finally have it down so they don’t hurt as bad. Only 4 more weeks of them (I think) & I will be SHOT FREE!!!!! Counting down the days!!!

2 thoughts on “Update :)

  1. Hi! I am a friend of Audrey Stallings, and she told me to read your blog because I’m going through IVF (transfer date is tentatively Nov 1!). CONGRATS on two little ones! Ah! What a blessing!

    You said you’ve figured out how to help your Progesterone shots not hurt as bad. What’s your advice?! My email is mckenzieoteter@gmail.com 🙂 thanks and again, congrats!


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