Update on the little nuggets!

Hello gorgeous people! There has been a ton going on lately so I haven’t posted an update of my anglels in awhile. I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas & looking forward to ringing in 2018!

Everything is going fine so far! I swear my stomach grew overnight a few days ago. Even my husband said that this is no longer a “baby bump,” but a preggo belly now! 😉

We got our genetic testing back & everything looks normal!

We also found out that at least one of these nuggets is a……….BOY! Shhhhh…. It’s supposed to be a secret! 😉 But, if you know me well at all, you know that secrets are hard for me to keep! Especially when it involves something this exciting!

The bump is growing like crazy & I am beginning to feel the flutters of these nuggets ever-so-often! It makes this experience even more real & I still cannot believe how blessed we are!



I have had some struggles the last few weeks with the weight gain & watching my thighs get bigger. I have always struggled with body image, but this is so different. I am having a hard time switching my brain over to “pregnancy body” & allowing myself to enjoy the process. For as long as I can remember I have struggled with my ‘lower half’ & I keep finding myself looking at the cellulite get worse & worse & allowing the negative energy to take over. I constantly have to remind myself of the TWO miracles that are growing inside of me & the astounding fact of what my body is doing at this very moment.  It is totally mind blowing!  Please tell me I am not the only one who has dealt with these negative feelings? I feel like a terrible mother for complaining about something so miniscule. I prayed for these babies forever & now I am bitching about my body image issues…. I know it is totally pathetic.  Sometimes insecurities get the best of me, but this last week I have gotten better & better, knowing that this is an amazing experience & I am bound & determined to soak up every, single second!


We find out what the other baby is on January 2nd. Any guesses?

We have been praying for happy, healthy babies, no matter the gender!

Once this other babies gender is revealed, IT IS ON! Bring on the shopping, the nursery planning, & the registry list!  I am going to need another job fo sho!

This Friday marks the halfway point to 38 weeks & we are so thankful & appreciate continuous prayers from our friends & families for our healthy twins.

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