Oh Boy! Looks like the Locke’s will welcome TWO baby boys in May! Lord give me strength! 😉

We are so excited & already have the two best names for our precious baby boys!

Owen Mitchell and Eli David!!!! Mommy & Daddy cannot wait to meet you both!

The anatomy scan was incredible.  My doctor said it would “rock my world” & he wasn’t kidding.  I couldn’t believe everything they were able to see.  Their little hearts had all 4 chambers, the umbilical cords had all the necessary blood vessels, there was no fluid behind the neck/brain, & they were showing off their boy parts, loud & proud! 😉  We couldn’t be more happy with the results.

I did a little research before & totally freaked myself out with everything that could go wrong!  Is that what parenting is like? lol

We have high hopes that everything will continue to go well throughout this pregnancy.  So far my cervix looks great (TMI?) & the boys are growing as they should.

We go back every two weeks for a month or so to make sure everything stays on track.  We are considered “high risk” since it is multiples & due to my mother having Pre-eclampsia, they want to keep a close eye on me.

Your prayers & well wishes throughout the next 4 months are greatly appreciated!


Love you all!


XOXO- Ashlee

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