The Countdown Begins…

Hi everyone,

We got to go see our nuggets yesterday & Prayers. Were. Answered!!!!!

We were concerned that Owen wasn’t gaining weight like Eli was & we were afraid that if their weight continued to differ, we would have to take them early. Well, now Owen outweighs Eli!! Praise Jesus! He is a whopping 4 lbs and 3 ounces & Eli is 3 lbs 15 ounces. Healthy, BIG Baby Boys!!! We are so glad that he is getting the nutrients that he needs! We are still scheduled for May 7th or 8th for our c-section & the countdown has begun.

We had our last shower this past weekend & it was a huge hit! My friends know how to throw a Baby Shower (or any other get-together for that matter)!!! The food was amazing, the decorations were on point, & we were overflowed with presents & love. We are so blessed! Thank goodness my family was here to help me organize & put things away. My sisters were life savers after the shower! We were able to get most everything put away & my mom & I should be able to knock out the rest this weekend. Wishful thinking?

How do you even begin to reorganize your house to get ready for twins? Where do I put their swings? Where do I store burp cloths? Where do I put their bibs? Will I even use bibs? I have so many questions & my OCD brain wants everything in its place RIGHT AWAY!!! It is going to be a trial & error type of situation & I am going to have to swallow a huge chill pill. 😉

On a funny side note…. I have to share what happened to us this last weekend.


So do you ever think that you can “put” things into the universe by thinking them or saying them out loud? Me neither! Never have I ever believed in such a thing…until now…

The other day I thought to myself while cleaning some things out of my pantry, “hmmm… we haven’t had a mouse in awhile, lucky us, can you imagine a mouse with all these diaper boxes around, yuck.” End of thought process….

Cut to a few days later when my family & I are getting dinner ready & BOOM, what do I see scurrying out of the kitchen & heading straight for my bedroom….A FREAKING MOUSE!!!! YALL! I live in a decently old house, so mice are going to find their way in, but seriously, not while I am trying to plan for my babies to be here. 😦

I had to hurry & put every, single diaper box on top of some furniture & then I immediately called my MIL. She brought some traps, my husband put them together, & within a day we had that little bastard! Thank goodness! UGHHHGHGHGHGHG!!! I can’t even. I just cleaned house, washed baby blankets, & everything. Needless to say, we have multiple traps up now!

So that is about it with my Twin Update. I go back to the doctor April 11th & then we will continue to go every week from then on. I will do my best to keep the updates coming & we will continue to pray for healthy babies!

Grateful for each of you! 🙂

XOXO- Ashlee




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