Egg Retrieval!

Yesterday was my egg retrieval! It was one of the hardest days so far, mostly because of the nerves. I didn’t sleep a wink, thinking about whether we did the trigger shot correctly & if there were any viable eggs. The ER is considered minor surgery & going under is always a little nerve racking. This was it… this is what we have been planning for. All of the shots, all of the driving, all of the stress. We came to LBK the day before & Mitchell took me to a really expensive steak house. It was the perfect date night, even though I was bloated & nervous as all get out. It was a nice, intimate date night & exactly what we needed.IMG_5911

We woke up around 5 the next morning & met my mom & grandmom at the hospital. I have had around 7-8 surgeries in the past (I should be used to this, right ;)). I had my surgery team with me & we were ready to go!IMG_5912

We met with Dr. Phy, Dr. Ahmad, & the anesthesiologist. The nurses & everyone involved were so sweet & made me feel so comfortable about the procedure! I got all situated in my gown & walked…yes walked…to the OR. Once I was in there, it took all of 5 minutes for me to get knocked out. Thank you, anesthesiologist! You rock!IMG_5913

Dr. Phy went over the procedure with me again & assured me that she would write the number of eggs retrieved on my hand so I would know as soon as I woke up in recovery. Feeling loopy & SO extremely relaxed, I woke up & looked on my hand. 15! 15 eggs! 15! I. Can’t. Even. Deal.

I kept showing everyone in the out-patient recovery room my hand, smiled, & went back to sleep. Apparently I was excited!!! Mitchell said on the way to recovery I kept telling all of the nurses how they were rockstars & how much I loved them! Yes, I am definitely a lover when I am coming out of anesthesia… also after a few glasses of wine! 😉IMG_5915

We made it home around 3, went to see my niece & nephew, & then came home & I have been on the couch ever since. The cramping is pretty rough, but the heating pad has become my bestie!

I woke up today & went over to my SIL house to help her feed the babies. While I was there, Dr. Ahmad called with the most SPECTACULAR news. With 15 eggs retrieved, they were able to successfully fertilize 12. We have 12 growing embryos!!!!!!!!!!! They will continue to call every day with updates up until my transfer day. It is scheduled for Wednesday the 6th. I have never been more excited.

Re-reading some of these posts from the past few weeks makes me think about the ups & downs of infertility. You go from your highest highs, full of hope & optimism, to your lowest lows. I have been the exact definition of a hormone crazed woman. This rollercoaster has been crazy, but I have such a good feeling. Even if this doesn’t work the first time, we will continue on with these eggs. But, I have all of the confidence in the world that this is going to work. God grant me the patience to get through these next few days until I get to take a test!

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