Starting Stims!

IMG_5771I am now on day 3 of stims (Follicle Stimulating Hormones-FSH shots) & I can tell something is going on. My lower belly is a tad uncomfortable, which I hope means that my ovaries are hard at work! They eventually want my ovaries to grown as many as 10+ follicles each!

My emotions are all over the place & I feel like I could cry at any given moment. The flow of hormones going on in my body is an experience that I can’t begin to explain. It’s like PMS on steroids and I feel slightly bipolar. Basically…hormones are a bitch.

This is the point in my life that I am so thankful that I married a man who knows me flat out & knows that my hormonal outbursts & hysterical crying are all based off these damn shots. Thanks for not taking it personal, babe! J Also, shout out to my besties for putting up with my hormonal self!

These shots are NO JOKE! I started out with Lupron shots & to date, have had 19. They aren’t bad & hardly hurt. We started the FSH shots on the 21st & I will take them for two weeks, up until my egg retrieval on Sept 1st. GonalF is an easy shot & I can barely feel it (is it weird that I have named it my fave?), but the Menopur shot stings & I have turned into a big, fat baby about that one. My stomach has track marks like a backstreet hooker, (hope that doesn’t offend), but seriously. Needle marks errwhere…IMG_5737

These next few weeks I plan on taking it easy, drinking plenty of water, & praying, praying, praying!

After years of fertility struggles, it is so hard to stay positive & optimistic. I go from peaceful, to positive, to pessimistic, to flat out stubborn about whether IVF will work. I know it is in God’s hands & that no matter what, we will keep trying.

There is a positive I knew I needed to include in one of my posts, though.

My RE told me to get a specific prenatal vitamin to take during this process & throughout my “hopeful” pregnancy.

I went to my local pharmacy & they explained that these bad boys are $50.00 for one months worth………………..

That might not seem like a lot, but this whole IVF process is a giant chunk of change & every penny needs to be saved. After they told me how much & the shocked look on my face, I told them to hold off & I would figure something else out. They politely asked me what they were for & I explained (probably in too much detail) about going through IVF. I knew I needed these vitamins since they were doctor recommended, but couldn’t right then. The pharmacy assistant told me to wait for a second to see what she could do.

YALL…they found coupon codes online & I ended up walking out of the pharmacy with a FREE pack of the vitamins. This gesture hit my heart strings so hard & I sat in my car, cried, and thanked God for the community I live in. I went online & gave them the highest reviews possible. Blessings can happen everyday & this was a reminder to me that the smallest gestures can have a major impact on people. Thank you, United Pharmacy in Pampa!!!


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