Update on the nuggets!

Oh my goodness, I officially suck at being a blogger. My bad. Time management is no longer my forte!

The boys are amazing! They are 5 months & 12 days old today. They get more fun each day & are constantly moving around.

Owen has been rolling over for a few weeks now & loves to be on his stomach. However… once he is on his stomach, he can’t get back onto his back. He wants to stick his arms out to his side & wiggle. We always say that he is swimming. He wants to crawl so bad & once he figures it out, there will be no stopping him. His two bottom teeth have come in in the last week or so & so far teething hasn’t been that hard on him. He prefers burp cloths to chew on & hasn’t been to terribly fussy. Thank God! He is still our bald little baby & has the rosiest cheeks. 🙂 He loves to squeal & is ticklish all over. His favorite food (so far) seems to be squash!

Eli has just mastered rolling over (from back to tummy) this week & he is so proud of himself. He doesn’t have any teeth yet, but the slobbering is non stop! They are coming! He loves playing with his feet & has the best giggles you have ever heard! He giggles every time he sees Owen, it is adorable! Eli is in a total Daddy phase! Mitchell can make this kid giggle more than anyone. It doesn’t make me jealous… I’m fine… 😉 Mitchell gives me a hard time because I try so hard to make him laugh & it doesn’t work! lol But he still prefers mommy snuggles…or at least that is what I tell myself. 😉 We battled our first sickness with Owen around a month ago. He had just a little runny nose & drainage, but no fever, PTL! Then last week Eli got a stomach virus. It. Was. Terrible. It lasted 5 long days, but he is better & didn’t miss a beat as far as weight gain! PTL once again!

We started them on cereal about a month ago & baby food a few weeks ago. They weren’t fans of green beans, but peas & squash they love! We will do carrots & sweet potatoes next. Then onto the fruits!!! They love sitting in their high chairs & squealing at each other! They are in 6-9 month clothes already & growing everyday! I can’t believe how fast the time is going. We have an amazing routine & anyone who knows me knows I love a good routine. A decently strict schedule is the key to having twins! 🙂


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