Update on the little ones!

My apologies first & foremost for it being such a long time between my updates.

Work has kicked my booty & the closer we get to meeting our bundles of joy, the quicker the weeks are going by! 28 weeks today! Third Trimester? Holy cow!! Are we prepared for this?  Guess we better be! 😉

I will start off by saying that my bump is growing…& I mean growing like I swallowed a basketball.  The boys are both balled up behind my belly button.  They really like being around each other. Wonder how long that will last? lol

I am starting to get a few stretch marks on my lower lower abdomen & at first I freaked out, not gonna lie.  I have been religious about body butters, lotions, & oils, but sometimes it is completely out of your control.  I am carrying two boys. I worked hard to get these two boys in my belly.  These stretch marks will be my reminders of this wonderful pregnancy that, a year ago, I didn’t think I would ever get to witness.  I have healthy baby boys growing & God has blessed us beyond words.

We have another high def sono scheduled for March 8th. YAY!!!! We will get to see how much they have grown & what they are measuring.  The way this momma is feeling, they are both big boys already! I am curious to see if my doctor thinks I can make it to 38 weeks without bed rest. Prayers appreciated!

They are kicking like crazy & the farther along I get, the more frequent I get to feel them.  It is so surreal to feel them both.  4 knees, 4 elbows, 2 butts, and 2 heads (leaning right against my cervix!!!)  It is still the best thing I have ever witnessed & even though I am slowly getting more & more uncomfortable, I never want to forget this feeling.  I want to memorize every movement, every twist & turn, & every kick.  The miracle that is going on in my stomach is so apparent each time I feel them.  Literally growing 2 humans right now. What? How do I already love them so much?

Each morning I serenade them with a made up song of me repeating “Good morning, my sweet baby boys”.  Mitchell says my singing will harm their brain cells, but I think they love it.  Oh & just wait until I get to hold them. Singing will be the new baby talk around my house.  We are getting the final touches of their nursery finished up & sometimes I come home & Mitchell is just sitting in there staring & rocking in our glider.  We both love to go in there & just sit & talk.  It has become a sanctuary for us & I cant wait to finish it.

Our first baby shower is tomorrow & I cannot believe that we are already here. The first few months of pregnancy went by slow af & then BAM, here we are to our baby shower!  I can already tell I am going to be an emotional wreck.  Tears for everyone.  Baby clothes alone can make my eyes tear up! HORMONES, amiright?

It is becoming very much apparent to me that our bundles will be here in less than 10 weeks & lately I have been fretting & straight up having anxiety about breastfeeding 2 babies. Do I tandem feed? Do I pump exclusively? Do I supplement?  Any advice out there?  I bought a book called, “What To Do When You’re Having Two” & I am going to binge read it in the next few days.  I am hoping that all the answers are in there! 😉  I also plan on getting in contact with a lactation consultant that lives here in Pampa.  If not, I will just learn in the hospital like everyone else does.  Women have been doing this for years, having twins, breastfeeding both, & survived.  I got dis!  I had all of these “to-do’s” planned out in the beginning & now the weeks are counting down & my list of things I was “going to do” still has some un-checked boxes. *facepalm*  I have faith that everything will get done & I know that God will give me strength for the upcoming weeks ahead.

Thanks for the continued support & prayers for our boys.

XOXO- Ashlee



2 thoughts on “Update on the little ones!

  1. Love this! I absolutely enjoy reading your updates! Thank you so much for updating on how y’all are doing! Much love


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