My fave day!

I totally meant to write a new blog post yesterday about how much I truly love Sundays. Instead, I am writing it today along with an update on my boys.  The more I get into this pregnancy, the more scatter brained I have gotten.  It’s all good… I am learning to accept & embrace the pregnancy brain! 🙂

Don’t you just love Sundays?  After church yesterday, we had third Sunday dinner, I came home & kicked complete butt on housework & nursery stuff.  Most people would pick Friday or Saturday as their fave day of the week, but for me it has always been Sunday.  There is just something about church, lunch with family, & a productive day to get a smile on my face. Sundays are my most productive days & I LOVE feeling productive!!!


At church yesterday, I saw in my journal (also used for church notes) how sad & lost I was this time last year.  I was writing about how unsure I was about IVF & how much I was struggling with Gods timing.  If only I could go back & hug that poor lost girl.  Honey, God’s timing is so perfect!!! I want to shout it from the roof tops!

Speaking of perfect timing, Mitchell just started calving out heifers yesterday!  Any ranchers wife knows that this is the busiest & most stressful time of year for ranchers.  Late nights & early mornings.  Constant attention on the heifers & monitoring to make sure they have their babies safe & sound.  If he were a coach, this would be the start of football season! lol I am so glad I am not 8 or 9 months right now.  We definitely don’t want Ashlee having babies the same time as these heifers!!!  He will finish up at the end of February/first of March, just in time to get all my honey-do’s done before the boys come! 😉

This just goes to show how actually perfect God’s timing is.  How everything is working out & how wonderful His plan is.  And can I mention how awesome it is to be pregnant?  I love every single aspect of it.  I haven’t seen my hoohaa in several weeks, my belly button looks like a butt hole, & my back is making me feel old af, but I cannot tell you how much I am enjoying being pregnant.  So far, this is the best & most comfortable I have ever been in my body.  Like I was meant for this.  My whole life all of a sudden makes sense.


My mom got to go with me to the doctor today! It was her first sono with me & she was so excited! It was so fun getting to experience that with her.  The boys were showing off, especially Eli.  Lets just say he is allllllll boy!  We got all of our errands ran & hopefully by the end of this week I will be finished registering.  Why has this process been so stressful for me?  I am such a perfectionist & I want to make sure that I don’t leave anything out.  Someone bring me a chill pill!! 😉

We are slowly, but surely starting on the nursery & my mind is in a hundred different places when it comes to our house.  My to-do list is getting longer & I am wanting everything around our house to be perfect before our boys get here in May.  Wishful thinking? 😉  Yesterday I was able to get everything out of the nursery, (that wasn’t furniture) & we should be able to start painting this weekend! WHOOHOO!!!  I am having a hard time delegating some of my jobs.  I am usually the type that, if I want something done, I will just go do it myself….control freak much?…. so now that I am having to rely on others to help me, I am having a hard time. 😉  It drives my husband crazy. 🙂

I am 22w3d today! These next few months should be full of fun & I am so excited!! Lots to do & experience as we continue on this journey!


Thanks for the continued support & prayers!

xoxo- Ashlee




2 thoughts on “My fave day!

  1. You’re at the peak of your pregnancy and I love that you’re so comfortable in it. Your Miami shower is in the works. Don’t stress so much Love. Thankful those baby boys are growing! Love y’all!


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