There will be bad days…

The last few days have been rough. Instead of getting used to the shots, I have formed complete & utter hatred for them. My emotions are OUT-OF-CONTROL. This last Friday was the worst. I had been to Amarillo twice in one week for blood work, on top of 3 shots a day & I am over needles. I cried on & off most of the day. I kept going back to my dark place of doubt. I stayed up most of the night thinking of everything that could go wrong.

I felt like a failure for how I was feeling. I wanted to be strong, but this was one of those days. Just a really bad day. I hormonal-PMS cried for the first time since we had started the shots. It felt great… lol

Sometimes a good, long, dramatic cry is all you need. These shots are pumping me full of hormones & I don’t feel like myself. At all. I kept telling my friends that I wish I could touch them & they could feel what I was feeling.  It is like an out-of-body experience. Full of emotions. Turns out, it is fine to not be 100% okay during the IVF process. This is normal. Although, I feel the farthest from normal.

Saturday was much better! We woke up at the butt-crack of 4 o-clock & drove to Lubbock for my ultrasound & more freaking blood work. Our Dr. wasn’t the on-call Dr. for this Saturday, so we had to use another one. He was so sweet and reassured us that everything looked great!

SIDE NOTE: My friend Sidney & I decided to name my ovaries since we would be cheering them on throughout this process. lol (we are fun, sorry not sorry)!!! 🙂

I had 15 follicles on my left ovary (Beatrice) & 8 on my right (Priscilla). WHOOHOO! I am responding to the shots really well. This made the last few crap days all worth it. The shots were working & we were on-track. I can feel my ovaries growing at a rapid pace & I am swollen. This is totally normal, but SUPER uncomfortable. BUT, the more eggs, the more chances we have at having a little, bundle of joy!

This next week is going to be insane. We go to Lubbock every other day up until my ER (Egg retrieval) on Friday, Sept 1st. Hopefully my ovaries continue to do work & we will have a super successful retrieval on Friday! Prayers appreciated!

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