12 Weeks!

IMG_6581We made it to 12 weeks! Oh Happy Day!!!

So much has been going on this last week. We did our announcement pictures the other day (even though I am pretty sure the whole world already knows…)! What can I say, I can’t keep a secret! 😉

This news is too good not to share & I am ready for the week of Thanksgiving so we can announce it on Facebook! That makes anything official, right?

The pictures are going to be priceless! I had her do one with all my IVF syringes, medicine viles, & all the other meds I had to take throughout IVF. We put them in a circle & put two precious little onesies, our sonos, & a pic of the embryos before transfer in the middle. They were all laid on my Prayer Shaw that my MIL made for me that our church prayed over. HOW PERFECT!?

My dad couldn’t believe that we put syringes next to onesies!  But, this is the perfect representation of what IVF women go through in order to have babies. This is everything I did to have these two miracles… & I would do it again in a heartbeat!

It was everything I wanted it to be & more. I cannot wait to see how they turn out. *cue the tears*


I am starting to show & I must say, I am in love with this little baby bump. Ask me again in 5 months & I might be singing a different tune! 😉

This last week we graduated from Dr. Phy! Talk about a tearful moment. We are excited to hit that 10 week mark, but I will miss her & forever be grateful for these TWO gifts she gave me!

Not a whole lot has been going on other than that. Just getting ready for the holidays & all the pies this pregnant girl can get her hands on! Lol!

No major cravings, no more morning sickness (PRAISE JESUS), & so far the heartburn is at a minimum.

My pants are getting a little snug, so I went to Dillards & found the most perfect stretchy leggings from Free People. I want them in every color!

I’ve been working on my Christmas list & already starting to think about our Registry List.

Right now, we are having the hardest time finding cribs that Mitchell & I can agree on. He wants grey, I want white. Part of me wants to wait until I know what we are having…

That just seems so far away! I am so ready to see what these two angels are!!

Any guesses?

Any crib ideas?


XOXO – Ashlee



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