16 Weeks!

Hey long lost friends! I know it has been awhile, but there isn’t much going on, which is a good thing. My doctors appointments are going well & everything seems to be going smoothly.

We have planned our babymoon & leave for Santa Fe, NM. in two days! WHOOHOO! I am ready for some good food & time away with my honey. This is the perfect timing for a quick getaway before the crazy of Christmas gets here. We have so much going on this month & December is sure to fly by. We get to go see my dad, stepmom, & little sisters next week & they are going to freak out when they see this baby bump! Cue the tears! My step-dad saw my stomach this past weekend & his eyes filled up with tears. It is exciting to see how people react to answered prayers! Thank you, Lord!

We find out what these two nuggets are the first of January! Once again, I am being tested on my patience! 😉 I am so ready to find out!!! Either way, I am going to order so many clothes that first day!

We haven’t quite figured out what sort of reveal we want to do yet. Nothing huge, but something simple & sweet for our close friends & family. My husband is definitely not one to be the center of attention. 😉

We are excited to be in our second trimester & the anatomy scan will be so cool! My biggest prayer right now is that my cervix stays strong & the babies keep growing. I would like to avoid bed rest if at all possible & keep these babies growing up to 38 weeks! Your continued prayers & support are very much appreciated!

Xoxo- Ashlee

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