Bed Rest It Is…

Hello gorgeous people!

Lots to tell you on this glorious Friday. This is my first full week of modified bed rest & I am on my 14th episode of 90210. Naturally.

Today I am 35 weeks & I can’t believe how fast these last few months have gone!

Dr. Carrasco put me on modified bed rest after my first NST (non-stress test) showed that I was having numerous contractions. They are considered Braxton Hicks, but since they were so close together he wanted me resting as much as possible for the next few weeks. He also put me on Procardia to help dial them down & it seems to be working. The last NST showed fewer contractions & everything looked good! 🙂

I am so glad he put me on bed rest. Not gonna lie, at first I completely freaked out. I was supposed to work for 2 more weeks & had a few more things to get together, but thanks to my wonderful fill in (Sonia) it was a smooth last few days & now I am CHILLAXIN!

Now my days are filled with coffee, making scrambled eggs for my dog, 90210 re-runs, & Chobani Flips Yogurt. I could definitely get used to this. The boys love those dang yogurts & their sweet little kicks turn into full-out karate kicks when I am eating them! They are growing by the second & should be over 4.5 lbs by our next appt. Grow babies Grow! We go back to the doctor Tuesday the 24th & we get to do a high def scan! I think it is going to be our last one until the boys are born!! Crazy!!

Our official scheduled c – section will be on May 8th! What?!?!?!?! Don’t get me wrong, I am ready to meet our sweet boys, but holy anxiety! Am I seriously ready for this? I have gone through my hospital bag 3 times now & read every article known to man about twins online. I keep thinking I am prepared & then BAM, something comes up that I haven’t even thought of. I still love all these baby movements & sweet kicks & I have really enjoyed being pregnant, I can’t believe I only have 2.5 more weeks! It still blows my mind that my body has held these TWO boys this entire time. I am woman, hear me freaking roar!

Both boys have been showing their personalities & Mitchell & I have made bets on who is going to resemble who personality wise. Eli David is going to be outgoing & spunky like his momma & Owen Mitchell is going to be more on the shy side & HATE pictures, just like his daddy! 🙂 I cannot wait to meet these bundles!


Even though I have loved every aspect of this pregnancy, there is one thing that I just wasn’t prepared for. 😦

STRETCH MARKS ERRWHERE!! I tried every lotion, every oil, every body scrub known to mankind & I still got them. The boys have been right behind my belly button this entire pregnancy & my poor belly skin just couldn’t handle it. I expected with twins that I would get a few, but these are everywhere. They aren’t as bad as they could be, but I am still pretty bummed. I am a vain person (sorry not sorry), but I am handling these stretch marks pretty well. Mitchell & I are going to hit the health wagon HARD once the boys are born & I have all the faith that I can get back in shape! Give me all the salads & Get Me Back To Jazzercise!!!! Ill be shaking my bigger booty back into my old jeans in no time!!!
It is all about perspective! There isn’t anything I can do about these stretch marks & I will wear them with pride! My baby boys are healthy & I couldn’t be happier!

2.5 more weeks people! The countdown is on & I am ready to meet our sweet boys!

Thanks for the continued prayers & love!

XOXO- Ashlee



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