30 Weeks 4 Days :)

Good morning beautiful people!

We are 30w4d today & my boys continue to grow.  The last high-def scan showed that Eli weighed 3 lbs & Owen weight 2 lbs 9 oz. While those are both healthy weights, they were a little concerned about the deficit. They will check back next week & make sure that deficit isn’t increasing with Eli growing more than Owen. They will continue to monitor them closely until the end.

While that automatically made me worry about our sweet baby Owen, I have been praying hard that he continues to grow like his brother. The worst case scenario is that we will have them a little early if Owen isn’t getting as much nutrients as Eli.

As a mom carrying twins, preterm labor & premature babies with a NICU stay is in the back of your mind constantly. It is always a fear. Always. I automatically started to google babies born around 31-33 weeks & how long the NICU stay was, along with survival rate.

WHY DO I DO THIS? My boys are healthy! Why am I going to the worst place possible?

Mitchell & I talked about our concerns & he asked me to start notifying him anytime Owen kicked, twisted, turned, hiccuped, anything. Yall…he is such an active baby boy. He might be squished & laying so low I can’t walk, but he is an active, healthy baby. Tuning into him more & more made me feel better & now I am sure that everything will be fine.

We go back to the doctor next Wednesday (March 28th) & we will see how everything is going. I am hoping that they are both well over 3 lbs. Give me big, healthy boys!

We have our Miami baby shower this Saturday & a ton of my family will be coming in. The next few weekends will be busy with baby shower, Easter, & our 5 year anniversary! I planned a quick, Amarillo getaway for some good food & lounging, followed by baby errands. Some good ole honey time will be nice, even if it is just in Amarillo!

We are getting down to the last 6-7 weeks & I am getting ready. Nervous! Excited! Scared to freaking death! Yep, I am feeling it all! If everything goes as planned, we should have our c-section scheduled for May 7th or 8th!!!!!! OMG! I can barely concentrate at work. My mind is at home with a humongous to-do list full of baby laundry, organizing, cleaning, & sleeping. 😉 (like I can sleep at this point…) lol

I will continue to give updates & I swear I will add some pictures soon! 🙂

XOXO- Ashlee



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