Pregnancy Brain…

Pregnancy brain is so real, yall!  I obviously have heard of it before & knew that it was one of the many “symptoms” to expect.

I just didn’t realize the magnitude of it!!!! I knew I wanted to do a post about it to share my scatter brained incidents & so I could remember for a good laugh in the future.

Incident #1 happened a week or so ago when I had my entire office looking for my cell phone. It was nowhere to be seen (or pinged from my watch) until my bf, Sidney looked in my desk drawer……. First of all, I never keep my phone in my desk drawer, but there it was.  Then I had to go around & tell everyone that I had found it so they could stop looking. FAIL!

Incident #2 happened when my darling husband took me to Subway for a quick lunch date. First of all, subway has been a staple during this pregnancy. Not only can I get a sandwich chalked full of veggies, but I can also get a cookie. Balance, amiright? It can’t get any better than this in my life right now. 😉  So, I got my cookie, put it in the bag & planned on eating it as an afternoon snack when I got back to work…. However, as we were walking out, what did I do? I threw the poor, helpless cookie away. 😦  Cue the tears. Once we got out into the parking lot the realization of my reckless actions hit me & as my husband laughed hysterically, I did my best to fight back the tears!!! Needless to say, I went straight to United & loaded up on cookies.

Incident #3- We are starting to get everything situated for my two showers & I was being proactive by calling a local hotel in Pampa & reserving rooms for my out-of-town guests. I got 4 rooms reserved & sent out a text to everyone coming from out of town. Welp, after a few minutes of going over notes, I realized that I gave my family & the hotel receptionist the wrong dates… So I had to call everyone back, rebook rooms, make sure my poor family wasn’t confused about the dates, & get everything reorganized.  My sisters got a food laugh out of that one.

Did I mention that all 3 of these incidents happened within 2 days? *facepalm

There have been countless similar incidents throughout my pregnancy, but I wanted to get these written out so I could look back & slowly see my mind leaving me. 😉


Other than my scatter brain, I am feeling 100%.  Slight indigestion, but nothing too terrible. We get to go see the boys in a few days & I can’t wait to see their little faces.  We are slowly getting out nursery & baby to-do list accomplished & the countdown is on. Twins can be considered full term anytime after 36 weeks. That’s 12 weeks away… Holy Cow!  Someone pinch me…& then come help me get everything together! 😉

Lots of love!

XOXO- Ashlee

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