IVF Part 2- Sono, Mock Transfer, Uterine Scratch

Saline Sonohysterogram, Mock transfer, & Uterine Biopsy Day… (getting a little personal here) 😉 

Basically, I was ready for this to be the suckiest day so far.

I was already prepared for the worst, being super dramatic, & dreading this day.

A quick research & reading blog posts about the Uterine Biopsy (AKA Uterine Scratch) will scare the living hell out of even the strongest woman out there.

I had already had a saline sonogram before I started IUI & it was miserable.

45 minutes of a vaginal ultrasound & getting saline injected to never never land. It. Was. Awful.

So here I was, preparing for a long ass appt of pain and torture.

My Dr. informed me that having a full bladder for the mock transfer was a must & that they would prefer me to have a full bladder during the embryo transfer. I chugged water the whole way to the Dr.’s office & stressed the whole time about how I could do this without peeing all over my poor docor.

Once we got to the Dr.’s office I was border line doing the pee pee dance in the waiting room. They got us in fairly quickly & explained what they planned on doing that day.

The mock transfer was quick & painless. They wanted to check the depth of my uterus for the best results possible during embryo transfer.

Next, they did the Saline Sonohysterogram, also quick & fairly pain free. Thank goodness. This was to check for polyps, bleeding, & assessing the shape of my endometrial cavity. Basically getting a good ole blueprint of my woman parts. J


Next was the Uterine Biopsy. The tool they used looked like a small back scratcher with teeth…

My Dr. warned me that this was going to be cramp city for about 10 seconds, so I grabbed my husbands hand & starting singing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” silently in my head.

Not going to sugar coat anything… it hurt. I was still in the process of trying not to empty my bladder & now I had major major cramps. BUT, it literally lasted 10 seconds.
Once she stopped & removed the speculum, it took me awhile to get the strength to sit up. But once I did, the cramps started to diminish.

Finally! I could run to the restroom & pee! I joke that having a full bladder during this procedure made it a little less painful!

The whole appointment took around 15 minutes. That’s it. I was so impressed with my doctor. and her nurse. The appt I had been dreading was now over with. WHOOHOO!

The next few days were crampy, but nothing a little ibuprofen couldn’t handle. I bled for a few days, but I survived it.


That’s the thing about going through IVF, I am surviving it. I am stronger, because of it.

Mitchell & I discussed on our 3 hour drive home that it was crazy how much I had grown as a person from day one to today. When we first started trying to conceive, I cried all the time. I felt weak & small, incapable of getting through this shit storm of infertility.

I am stronger now. I pray everyday for peace & I 100% believe that God has delivered. This journey has taught me that I have to rely on God & myself for strength. This was our journey & I was going to hold my head up high during its entirety. Each day, each experience, each appointment, I would come out stronger than ever!






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